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Benefits Tailored for You

Our advisors will evaluate your goals and then craft a benefits strategy that fits those goals. Our implementation teams will then educate employees. We will then meet every 3 months to review the goals, finances and objectives to ensure that you are satisfied.

Step 1: Evaluation

Strategy and plan design – Prior to providing an employee benefit strategy and plan design LGIS conducts a thorough evaluation of your current corporate climate and benefits. This interview process allows us to get a broad overview of where you are right now and understand the following:
  • Goals – Short and Long
  • Growth – Will this be steady
  • Satisfaction and Retention
  • Incumbent Benefit Program
  • Benefits Budget
  • Employee Evaluation

This process enables a solid foundation to be established for setting clear, strategic plan design goals, considering value-added programs, identifying areas of potential cost savings and maximizing employee goodwill.

Step 2: Plan Design

Based on the Evaluation, We work together with you so you can make informed plan design decisions with confidence. We’re there to help you stay focused on:
  • Enhancing or removing programs that are working or failing
  • Implementing effective cost containment strategies
  • Reinforcing larger goals, such as encouraging wellness
  • Designing employee benefit programs that will help attract and retain quality employees

Throughout the design process, we work as an extension of your HR team — maximizing results with open communication, collaboration and a single vision.

Step 3: Analysis

Based on your evaluation and plan design, Our employee benefits team is able to provide:
  • Plan Design Modeling
  • PBM Analysis
  • Fully Insured verses Self-funded Scenarios
  • Plan Reviews
  • Budget Projections
  • Benchmarking
  • Contribution Strategies
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) and Marketing Services

Our analysis process is extremely useful for your decision making progression, and working towards the outline of strategic goals.

Step 4: Implementation

The implementation team plays a critical role in educating your members to the employee benefits program. Your HR team will appreciate their personable nature as they conduct meetings and engage members.