Strong Relationships With Japanese-owned Insurance Carriers

As a Toyota Tsusho Group Company, LGIS has strong relationships with Japanese insurance carriers. This allows us to fully understand what the carriers look for to determine the risks and gives us the ability to negotiate rates or whether they can accept some unconventional risks.

Industry-based Risk Management Services

Toyota Tsusho’s trading side of the business allows us to support the customers in various industries such as automotive manufacturer, transportation logistics, food & agribusiness, raw materials, chemicals, recycling, etc.  Especially for the manufacturing companies with factories, we have extensive knowledge on the appropriate coverages. We are able to utilize our accumulated experience for insurance program designing and your business’s overall risk management.

In addition to advising you on the right commercial insurance policy based on your industry, LGIS can provide claim support, including bilingual (Japanese) assistance.

Global Insurance Support for International Companies

The insurance division of Toyota Tsusho Corporation has a total 20 service locations in 14 countries, including LGIS. By utilizing this global network, we can provide uniform risk management programs to international companies.