Health & Wellness

Data Analytics for Better Design

We all recognize the significance of data. From automotive diagnostics, to monitoring, understanding and even treating health conditions, we place a very high value on the application of data.

LGIS believes the data in your claim network is the key for understanding your population, and designing effective programs.

By using a robust data analytics platform that is able to sort and aggregate your data, we can understand the full picture of costs, chronic conditions and how resources in your plan are being utilized.

Improve the Health of Your Population

Using a Data Analytics platform, employers can make an informed decision on the following areas:

Health and wellness management:
  • Health Plan
  • Worksite Health Centers/On-site and Near-site Clinic
  • Pharmacy Benefit Manager

Chronic condition management:
  • Group and Risk Prediction
  • Health Risk Assessments
  • Care Gap Alerts

Reporting important information back to you, together we can make informed decisions about wellness strategies, case management and plan design.