Health & Wellness

Wellness Solutions

With health care trends projected to exceed general inflation, organizations are under intense pressure to find solutions. Wellness has been at the center of this discussion for over two decades, but what strategies really work? With an abundance of third party resources, benefit studies and broker opinions to choose from, how do you chart a path for identifying the risk conditions within your population, and then build engagement? This is a critical benefits decision, one that will transform your organization and position you for long-term success, when you look at wellness as a strategic, long term initiative. 

LGIS understands that the best corporate culture of wellness is established when plan members are provided regular and ongoing education, integrated resources and the accountability of an organization that truly practices what it teaches. 


We will work with your team to develop a coordinated program, using a variety of resources and strategies.

  • Evaluate current programs and outcomes using data analytics
  • Develop strategies to mitigate those risks
  • Provide a comprehensive multi year plans with measurable goals
  • Measure and evaluate progress on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis

The program may include:

Biometric Screening
Employee Survey
Health Centers/On-site or near-site
Health Coaching
Health Fairs
Health & Fitness Programs
Health Risk Assessment
Health & Wellness Publications
Newsletters Participation
Targeted Communications
Wellness Website
Worksite Evaluation

Working together, we can provide multiple perspectives. We recognize that a wellness plan must be customized to the group. Our creative solutions are not limited to the products and tools of any single supplier or wellness service. We think you will be glad that we work hard to study and evaluate those resources that apply best to your changing workforce.