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We know your privacy is important to you. Loyalty Group Insurance Services takes the protection of your personal information seriously as well. We think it is important that you know why we gather personal information, the type of information we gather and the steps we take to guard your personal information that you have trusted us with.


We collect and retain only the information that is relevant to the business interest we share in common. That includes personal information you share with us on applications and forms or during other electronic transactions, including phone conversations. We also maintain information about you that we receive from consumer reporting agencies and government agencies. All of these reports directly impact underwriting decisions regarding your insurance and are either permitted to be received or, in some cases, required by law.


In addition to the secure entry to our facilities and systems, access to your information is limited only to our insurance employees. Our information management system strictly monitors and documents every time your information is accessed or reviewed. The transmission of your information is made via secured formats which comply with industry compliance standards. We will only share your information with the Insurance Carrier or a third party interest which you have named on your policy. We believe your information belongs to you; therefore we will not sell or distribute your information to any third party without your permission or unless the law requires us to do so.

This privacy policy is in effect as of November 2015 and may be updated or amended, in whole or in part, periodically. We encourage you to review this privacy statement periodically.


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